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5 or 6 weeks later, The Marshall Saga. - Bigpaws

About 5 or 6 weeks later, The Marshall Saga.

Previous Entry 5 or 6 weeks later, The Marshall Saga. Mar. 14th, 2009 @ 05:36 am Next Entry
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Date:March 15th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)


it all depends on who makes them. I have changed out some Peavey Speakers (80 Oz. Magnet) and when I blow them, I just do a full replacement of the speaker for the short term, THEN when I have more time to burn, you can sometimes send in the orignal basket assemblies, and have them "re-coned" at a cheaper price. or even sometimes, A trade in arrangement/Discount/credit ect.

it's tough to find guys who do speakers usualy.. they are often hidden
in the "Music" catagory of yellow pages, under Musical Instrument repair "Authorized Service Blah Blah Blah". It usualy NEVER mentions that they do speakers too.

Last Ditch Chance:

When you cannot find ANYBODY who works on Music Gear.. go to a Music shop and ask.. they or someone there can usualy spout a name and phone number, if not two.

Then you can be like me.. cuz thats what I had to do out here in Arkansas. the first place gave me a name and number who, a.)No one ever answered it, b.)the voicemail system was full, and lastly c.)after 15 attempts to contact them, the number was disconnected. SO I asked around a few more places, and got the same name & number.. So I looked them up on the web, got their address.. and decided to pay them a visit. ( I really wanted this Amp repaired ) So I found the street, found all the cross streets, but never found the address. So I gave up on these guys and took a chance in the (200) Mile Range of finding Someone who Worked On Marshall Amps.
Found one 150 Miles away in a town called "Harrison".

It just so happens my job takes me to harrison occasionally, so I decided to stop in the next time I went threw.. Sure enough one week later I was there at ther music store, and they said, Yes we definately have a guy who Works on Marshall Amps, he lives in the next city east.. in "Jasper".

So I left my Amp in their hands, and they agreed to call me once the repair was complete.

thats where this whole saga began.. lol

See what kind of Trouble 1 little question can get you into?

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