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2009 Jan. 24th, 2009 @ 07:24 am
Here it is, 2009.
I turn 47 this month,  Tomorrow actually The 25'th.
I'm 3 years from being considered "Old". thats depressing.. lol

I'm encouraged though, as most folks STILL guess I'm still in my late 30's.

Not much to report on the home front, Still working for H.P.
Still Single and still the same lunatic Tech I've always been.

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Gosh, it's been a while again. Jun. 5th, 2008 @ 02:45 pm

Well the new job is great! 
I've been all over western arkansas, fixing or installing this & that.
and the job is as fun as I thought it might be.

The spring season, here.. in a word it's Incrediable. 
about twice a week I cruise the "Boston Mountain Range",
as I traverse from my home (my office) to Fort Smith.
That takes me smack dab through some of the most beautiful
parts of Northwest Arkansas. and right now, it's at it's peak.

This is one of the reasons I don't mind doing this field Tech type 
of work. I was not being inspired at all working in a 4'x4' cube,
in fact it dulled my sences to the point that I no longer cared what 
the world looked like around me.  Nice to break free of that duldrome.

I find the working part of my job, quite satisfying. I get to be a geek,
and they pay me to do it! and I am making quite a number of great
contacts in the business world out here. This can only lead to good 
things in my future.


Homelife is also moving forward a bit, the Infamous room addition project is advancing again.
Last Summer (don't remember if I had mentioned this or not),
I lost my Wolf/G.Shep "Smokey"  Well, instead of following my usual path of not having another dog
untill I mourn for a long time.. I changed it up, I went and got 2 Male Wolf/G.Sheps to replace him.
Let me tell you, you don't have time to mourn when you have two wolf hybrid pups to raise!!!

I will be posting pictures soon, in july they will be 1 year old. and Photos will surely be posted!

Wallace: Looks like his G.Shep mother, traditional Black/Tan markings.  he is a slighter build than his brother.
                 Wallace is the Play instigator. the rascal, the best behaved. and dare I say, the more cleaver of the two.
                  (Approx: 95Lbs)

Gromet: Looks like his Father, a Wolf, Light markings lightrer than Aprocott, not white, but very light tan with sparse black markings.
                Gromet is taller, lankier, and thicker than His Brother.  Gromet is; the bad boy, the explorer, the Hunter, 
                 the eater of bunnies and all mannor of varmits Large and Small. Gromit is the sweetest one.
                 (Approx: 105Lbs)

Yes I know the names are cute, from the moment I met them, I knew their names. thats just how it works sometimes.

All & all things are okay, I have no romance on the immediate horizon, but thats okay too. Right now I am lavishing
myself in nest-building, and a new toy here & there too. (The bear Smirks: I'm likely the only person you'll ever meet,who gets happily excited to get Audio patch cables from the FedEx guy)   I don't have an iPhone, I don't own a FlatScreen TV, I don't own an iPod, and I'm happy as can be. I don't dislike Apple products, I just don't have a valid use for one. :O)

I love Spring!


(this post brought to you without corrections!)
Current Location: NW Arkansas
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Weezer: Pork & Beans

Back to work after a Long hiatus Mar. 9th, 2008 @ 04:09 pm
Well here we are, the begining of Spring, and with the new season comes a new carrer opportunity.
after working as a Contract computer worker for the last 5 years, I've finally Secured a real job.
I recently answered an ad from Hewlett Packard, seeking a Feield Service Tech II position.
the Job sounded very promising, so I took a chance and threw my proverbial hat in the ring.
I was interviewed on 3-5 and by 3-7 I heard back from them letting me know I had won the position.

This came as somewhat of a relief. 

I had been contracting for H.P. for the last 2 years, managing their new product "rollouts" for 
Wal*Mart properties. mainly servers & backup automation hardwares.
I had Piloted a cube for those 2 years, without much hope of advancement.
As fate would have it, in the winters here in the south, contract workers are laid off for winter
as new contracts are few and far between in the winter months.

So On october 5'th 2007, My crew and Myself were all laid off.
this came as no real suprise to any of us.  So being used to this after 5 years,
I had my unemployment to fall back on for a few months untill spring arrived.

this was rather adventagous, as it allowed me to Attend FC2008 amoung other things.

Well the New position with H.P. is a perminate placement with all the nicities that are
included in securing a corporate position. heres the short list.. 

1. 2008 Company Car (all maint/repairs/fuel/insurence paid)
2. Company Credit card 
3. shiney new Laptop
4. shiney new smartphone
5. shiney new tools
6. Working from Home (my favorite part)
7. All the perks & bennifits (health insurence/ 401K rollover/room for advancement)
8. Large teritory

So I guess you could say I'm pretty happy with the way thing are working out.
The salary? well it's pretty adverage, but  quite liveable, and theres promotional  advancements.
So I begin this new carrer on 3-13,  just a few short days from now.

Wish me Luck!


A flood of thoughts From FC08 Jan. 31st, 2008 @ 07:48 am

I don't think I ever realized just how many friends I had in California, and other places untill they all come together in one place.
I was kind of suprised at the shere volume of friends I have.
When I compair the Number of friends I have in Arkansas to the Number in California, the difference is quite staggering. 
Speaking quite optimisticaly, I may have about a Dozen friends in Arkansas, Some of them I have not yet met face to face.
A dozen seems like a lot these days, but  not even close to those I left behind.  it's kind of hard to quantify friends sometimes,
friends can be either close personal companions, or even a casual aquaintence.  I seem to span all of those catagories.
I got to spend a lot of time with folks that I never got the chance to when I lived in Santa Clara, and it was satisifying to finally
get to know some of them better, even if only a brief slice of time while at the convention.

A Lot of my old friends were suprised to see the ammount of weight I have lost since moving,  I myself don't notice it as much because I see myself every day and don't usualy think of myself as Sexy at all.  But According to my friends, I am a changed man. 
Even my some of my harshest critics, had nothing but kind things to say about my new apperence. That caught me Offguard.

I even ran into my former Boyfriend at the convention,  I think I ruined him in some way.  He was much heavier than I had anticipated.
But I can laughingly blame myself for a lot of that, as I fed him well when we were together,  I taught him to eat like a bear eats.

Oh, a word to the wise!  NEVER Get Drunk With Klingon's at a convention..  I had not consumed alchaol in Years, well untill this
Convention.  and Ahem, might I say I was quite drunk. I didn't qualify as "fall down" drunk, But I sure couldn't say I was only buzzed a little
either.  After getting Drunk with The Klingons I went to a private room party in room 229, I proceeded to get hammered on absinthe, and other things that I am not even sure what they were.. Thank you for that Mal-Wolf.. ya bastard.  lol

as the days progress I'll be adding more "Post Convention" thoughts.. but for right now I think I'll sit and watch the snow fall for a while. 


FURther CONfusion 2008 Jan. 30th, 2008 @ 04:29 am
Another convention is in the bag, 

After 10 glorious days in San Jose Ca, it's time to go home again. 
I catch my flight at 8:30 am, but as I sit in my motel room at 4:30 am,
I cannot help but smile.  It's a lot of work to transport, assemble a 
large stage, but so satisfying to see it being used to entertain the 
conventioneers. The Mainstage Staff were all wonderful, Spuds, 
Smash. keiko, Frosty orca, Boris, and several others whose names
excape me this early in the morning, were all great to work with.

I sometimes lament my move from the state, because it highly limits
the ammount of involvement I can contribute to the convention.

I have been monitoring the weather back home in NW Arkansas, 
and it sure isn't pretty. it's clear and cold there ths morning, 18 degrees.
and I just know that when I get home there will be repairs to be made to 
the plumbing, there always is when winter rolls around.

I will be happy though, even though I am leaving all my california friends
behind once again, for another year. However my new family at home are
anxiously awaiting my return. When I speak of my "new family" I am refering to 
my Wolf/G.Sheppard  Hybrid dogs "Wallace & Gromit" who I know are 
missing me terriably. this is the first time since they have been without me
for so long.  I know when I come home they will be wildly excited to have me
home again.  I would be lying if I said I did not miss them as well.

All my bags are packed with Con Schwag, and my camera is full of memories
to help me remember all of my friends while I am so far from them.
I was once again inspired to draw some art, a particular fursuit caught my eye
this year, it was a Cheetah by the name of "KIV", his seductive antics in the lobby
was highly entertaining.  As I sat with Madcoyote and Ferall in the lobby, watching the 
Cheetah gyrate and tease, Madcoyote was snapping photographs and grinning.
It was a lot of fun to watch, and Madcoyote has sent me the photographs as reference
material so I can use them to draw "KIV" in better detail.

I'll have much more to add to this journal later, but for now I must prepair myself
for the long flights ahead of me.

this post is not even spell checked..  HA!

More to follow later.

Other entries
» Checking in
Well it's 2008, it's hard to believe I have managed to hold on to this account for so long.
I rarely come here because most times I have read journals belonging to others, they always seem to be not much more than flame wars.
So I don't use this site to air any ones dirty laundry.

Besides, I got better things to do that to Covet, or judge other folks.

Since I was last here, I got two new pets.

they are Wolf/German Sheppard Hybrids, Both Male and Brothers from the same litter.
they Are " Wallace & Grommet" and they are just 8 months old.

they make the life of a bachelor a bit more tolerable. 
» 153 weeks since I was here
Well a lot has happened in 153 weeks.

I moved from california, to Arkansas of all places.

reason being is my nice Systems administrator job for DHL went away in 2002,
so since I was already more than half way paid off on my farm, I moved there.

been here since july 1 2002.
» Shock Value 0%
Well I did what I said I was going to do. did it have any noticable effect on josh, Noooo...
Awe well, it was still fun for me. it's not like a wear much around the house anyway.

Josh showed up about 11am, and we spent the day listening to music, talking and generally getting cozy.
then I cooked some dinner, and we put in some movies, and commenced snugglin.
snuggling became rubbing, rubbing became exploration.. and movies fell by the wayside.
Now I wont say we got carnal, but we did take it to the bedroom,
relax no one lost any virginity, as if either of us had any to begin with.

it ended up a sleep over, with emphasis on sleep. but that in and of itself was okay too.
I woke early, as I normaly do, and let josh sleep in till about 9:am, this gave me about 5 hours
of morning time. which was also nice. about 10:am josh stumbled out into the living room, looking a bit like death warmed over.
he grabbed a soad and his clothes and said, "I have to go very soon, I have to meet my mother."
I noded not saying much about it, and hugged him and sent him on his way. about 2:pm I was
getting sleepy, so I laid down for a nap. woke about 5:pm, then forced myself to stay awake so
I could get to bed at a proper time, and not ruin my own sleep schedule.

» So we came back to my place.
Well I finally got a look at Josh,
he's about my height, and about my weight, he speaks steriotypicaly gay.
fair enough. So we had lunch, got there as the buffet opened, so we could have a little privacy publicaly.
so that went okay, he seemed like a nice level headed young man. ate lots of vegies, he doesn't eat much meat.
(Ahem stop thinking that...Thats something thats not been discovered yet)
I questioned him on it. I always seem to be the instagtor of conversation.
come to find out there is a logical reason. had to have his Gall Bladder removed as a teen.
(okay no harn no foul there, but I like my BBQ an aweful lot) gonna have to learn new ways to do lighter fare.
So we got along pretty well for a first meeting. Normally this is where I would draw the line on a first daye.
But over the last 14 days or so of e-mails, I had another plan in store. (Now stop assuming it's sex)
In fact I had prepaired a bit for his visit. I cannot say here what we did, or even how we did it. buit
I can say, that for most of you , the answer will be pretty anti-climatic. those of you who know me well
will understand when I say "BearNip" those that do not, I can only smile and say, Sorry, but read on.

Now we were sitting around relaxing as best we can. the AC is on, the house of comfortable so I look over
at him, and say "wanna listen to some music?" then promptly started up some TMBG. and he looks at me like
he's suprised. "I've never heard of them," he says. :I say, "remember when you asked if I was hairy?"
with head bobbing to the music, josh nods and I smile, stand and peel off my shirt.
Now I know his mind has to be racing at this point. and I tossed the shirt aside. This left me only in a wrist watch
and a pair of short pants. I say back down and said "See told ya I was fuzzy". he says "I'm kinda hairy too" then unbuttons his long sleve white shirt, tosses it aside, then lifts up his white fruit of the loom T-Shirt to reviel a formitably furry frontside himself
I just chuckled, at some point he shaved only his belly hair, so the difference in hair legnth was noticable.

and then we sat around much more comfortablly. now this was mostly a paws off kinda visit. more like grammar school show and tell.
but it served it's purpose.

Now it's wednesday tuesday he sent me an e-mail, it went something like this...

"pawsy, would it be okay with you if I got naked at your house?"
(snicker) why not I thought, hell I'm almost always naked here by myself, why not have naked guests too? (laugh)
So I told him yes. since he knows his way here now, I'll greet him at the door.. naked..
this is gonna be fun! I gotta see what kinda shock value this is going to have.

Now hopefully the jevaoh's witnesses do not try and convert me again this weekend. that would be a hell of a story to go bacvk and
tell the perish..

So thats where stuff stands at the moment. The rest of my life is status quo.

» Reminder to self...
Umm remember NOT to use the "Greater than" Or "Lesser than" Keys for (these)......
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