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time for an update I think. 2016 - Bigpaws

About time for an update I think. 2016

Previous Entry time for an update I think. 2016 Sep. 10th, 2016 @ 12:39 am
So, not a lot has changed really, well some small things have..

The Old burned down house is long since gone, the ground has been prepared for the next mobile home to be rolled in and set up. but the money to fund THAT part.. has not been happening as I hoped it would.
Sure, I'm working, 2 jobs in fact. but neither of them pay well at all. But it's some income all the same.
while not enough to fund forward progress, it's been enough to sustain the Dogs and me in a decent fashion. no ones going hungry. The bills are getting paid on time and I still have internet.. so.. yeah, I cannot complain much on the creature comfort part.
I've gotten a decent start on replacing the Musical making gear. Thank goodness for Craigs' list & Pawn shops!
thanks to my watchful eye, I scored Many ridiculously good deals.
16Ch. Peavey Mixer
2000WT Rackmount Pyle Power Amp
120WT Carvin Bass Amp w/ 15" speaker
65WT Crate 3 Chanel Guitar Amp
50WT Epiphone 2 Chanel Amp w/ dual 10" speakers
mismatched 12" speaker cabinets (x2)
Yamaha DTX Explorer Digital Drum Kit

I did not pay over $100, for any single piece in that group.
The guitars, I cannot make the same claim. :O)

1993 Ibanez EX-1700 semi hollow (black with cream binding)
Squire Strat (early Model) White on white
Fender Acoustic 6 string
and the newest..
B.C.Rich (Bronze series) Mockingbird (Candy Apple Red/Chrome Hardware) Single knob, dual humbucker, 22 fret, hard tail. it's pretty! :O)
and lastly a used Casio keyboard (gotta start the synth replacement somehow!)

Now your probably saying" why not use that money to do your house?"
that's pretty easy to answer really.
"when you had all kinds of things, and they are now gone forever, you .long to be having things again."
that's the only justification I have to offer.
Besides, I have already furnished the Mobile home, outfitted it with appliances. I've done everything but stock Computers, linens & groceries. So I have been spending money on the house. it's all still a work in progress.

My folks purchased themselves a newer car, so I was granted free use of their old ford explorer SUV. This has helped me out quite a lot. it allowed me to get these two jobs. So I'm rolling with the punches until more suitable employment rolls my way again.

Gee, it's well past my bedtime.. So I'll be back again, hopefully sooner than later.
Just know that the Dogs and I are all doing well & eating good.

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Date:September 17th, 2016 05:42 pm (UTC)
Music helps everyone :)

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