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Well Since the fire I have Squatted in a foreclosed home for 6 months, before the bank who now own it asked me to vacate. So I did of course.. and I acquired a tiny used/abused Mobile home which had been stripped out and
had been used as a tool/storage shed. The Mobile home is 12' wide and 40' long with a internal ceiling height of 7'. The Trailer which is still on it's wheels, still has to be moved to my property, and I am awaiting a solid date for that move to occur.

I have cleaned it out, replaced the floors, added padding & carpeting, then moved what few possessions I have gathered, into it. there were no appliances aside from the stock factory installed furnace for heating, everything else had been gutted long ago.

So my first priority was Air Conditioning, because Summers in Arkansas can be rather brutal for heat and humidity. so I installed 2 A/C's one on each end. Then I got a used refrigerator, and began to build a kitchen
around it. it's going okay as far as the building goes.. I have access to a bunch of house scraps so things like counter tops and some basic cabinetry I was able to salvage and put to use. So now I have a rudimentary
kitchen with a large toaster over, a microwave and a coffee pot. there is no sink or plumbing yet but those are not too difficult to acquire or set up.

Since I am still without a reliable vehicle, I am not working a regular job, but rather I am doing P.C. repair
from home, since I have a business license to do so. it's not a lot of work, but it's keeping Me & my dogs fed at least.
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