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About The State of affairs, for Bigpaws Bear.

Previous Entry The State of affairs, for Bigpaws Bear. Feb. 28th, 2014 @ 10:50 am Next Entry
Just over a year has passed since my last confess...oh I mean update.
So, here goes....

December 23 2013, its the end of the year and as a going away gift, 2013 decided I could really use a root canal,
So my lopsided face will not get stuck this way. (Kidding on the stuck part).
So I get my face drilled on for Xmas...umm, yay,

Okay so new years is out too for recovery..

2014 begins.

1/9/2014: 11:35pm. I am awakened by a huge banging sound, I had been asleep maybe 2 hours, so I was very groggy having emerged prematurely from REM sleep. I then became aware of a roaring and popping sound, I flew out of bed,
Shoved my way threw the hot to the touch door. I was greeted immediately by a blast of heat, smoke and as I looked threw the short hallway I could see that more than 50% of the house was already fully involved.
The fire detectors did go off, but I could not hear them well enough from my room.

As I passed the hall,, I went out the back door of the house as it was not yet involved in the fire.
However the dogs which were in my room to shelter from the cold. They did not follow me out of the house.
My housemate who had awakened me was getting dressed, his room was not attached to the house, and was beginning to smolder preignition. He managed to get clothed and grab a jacket and a small basket of dirty clothes before his room burst into flame. As he dressed, and I was running out of the house, the tossed me his telephone, which I snatched from the air mid run, "call 911!" He shouted as I passed, I hit the 1 button emergency dial and began reporting to emergency services our location. While I was sorting hat out I could see the fire had reached my end of the house and was beginning to flare up again, my housemate yelled, "where are the dogs?" He kicked in the window air conditioner and two of my dogs kept to safety. My dog "Wallace" didn't trust my housemate, and would not exit the room. My romie said, Wallace won't come out!. I ran over and called for my dog, black smoke had filled the room and I could not see inside anymore. I called for the dog again, this time I saw a black whiney nose rise out of the thick black smoke, I didn't hesitate, I leaned into the room, felt his forearms, and I threw him out of the window the house,to safety. As I pulled myself out of the busted out window frame, he room exploded into flames. I walked over, gathered my nervous dogs about 20 yards away from the fire, and I made them lay down with me in the pasture while we waited for the local fire department. My roomies car which was about 25' from the burning house began to smolder and the plastic parts were beginning to melt. He opened the car door, burning his hands on his car as he did, he then pulled the car away from the house, to safety. Then had to get his truck out as well. He was successful, me.. Not so lucky, my car was destroyed.

So yeah, we both lost everything we owned that was in the house.
I got out with my dogs, and the thermal under ware I had worn to bed. And that's it!
So, I began my year in the worst sort of way.

If that's not enough to endure, my employer, decided they could not afford me any more, and subsequently laid me off work. Nice huh?
so I figure the universe. Decided to "Pull my card", And test my stamina and resolve.

Its now the last day of Febuarary, I've been off work since COB Monday, I have been trying to plan a house build, and how I can finance this endevour. I got some cleaver ideas for the new place, I've shown them to a few qualified builders for opinions only, and so far the reactions have been. Very positive.
So I may try and make a go at building from scratch, for the first time.
Oh,BTW I doubt I'll ever live in a mobile home ever again

So, what am I doing now?
Right now I am finishing building another 3D printer to replace the 3 we lost in the fire, its about 48 hrs from being completed. We have 2 flying machines built for aerial videography. These were things we had already had before the fire, and needed to get back to the R&D we had been working on.

So,we survived, and continue to do so.
Oh, for the curious, my housemate, is straight, a single dad, and my geek partner and my best friend out here.
Our friendship is strictly plutonic.

So, how's your life so far this year?

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Date:March 2nd, 2014 06:29 am (UTC)
I heard through Trendane about the fire. I am SO sorry hon.

I dunno if it would help but I have an iPad Version 1 I am not using that you pay have. Just let me know. I dont think I have anything else that you would need. :( I wish I did.

*HUG* I miss ya


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Date:August 19th, 2014 12:09 pm (UTC)

Hey Jen,

Hey yeah I could use any tech anyone can spare.. tablet, laptop, old desktop anything.
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